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John Fehringer

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John Fehringer

Calm cool waters, vast rivers of ice, snow geese in flight and endless rows of mountains like frozen waves against a becoming sky, are all part of the Alaska landscape and The Art of John Fehringer. With a command of light and a developed creative spirit, John reflects a world of compelling beauty that rivals one’s own imagination while spinning the true tales of splendor in Alaska. Take a journey with John as he draws the viewer in for an intimate rendezvous with grandeur, beauty and peace, through his art.

Making art became an integral form of communication for John very early in his life, using it to articulate his joy, curiosity and wonder in response to the world around him. Completely self taught, John works in many mediums, focusing his free attention on the creative process and away from the what will become of the final product. “Staying within the process keeps the piece fresh for me, where I get to draw from the creative muse inside with little or no judgement focused on whether or not the piece is any “good” or not, or will sell in a gallery. It makes the creative journey exciting and fun for me, and often one that I want to share with others when the piece is complete. Very similar to a travel photo one shares when one returns home again.”

For his Alaska landscapes, wildlife and aviation pieces, John primarily works in watercolor using an airbrush to achieve the smooth gradient tones that fill his canvas and have created the signature style we now recognize to be exclusive to a Fehringer piece. Many observers have mistaken John’s images to be photographs, speaking to the skill of execution and the command of light displayed in each piece.

Arriving in Alaska by Ferry in 1980, John set up a studio in downtown Juneau where he further developed his style using his Alaskan experience as his primary subject material. In 1984 he published the first in his series of limited edition fine art prints entitled “Inside Waters”, a tribute to the passage that had originally brought him to Alaska. Since that first sucessful release John Fehringer has had numerous one-man shows and released over 80 fine art print editions, more than half of which are now sold out and commanding higher values on the secondary market from collectors. His series of light aircraft images have particularly captured the imagination of aviation enthusiasts and gained him a reputation and standing in Who’s Who in Aviation Art worldwide.